The Job PDX
The Job PDX
47. Jami Curl

Jami Curl is a candy dreamer, master storyteller, and founder of QUIN.

The Interview

I am interested in knowing a little bit about where you’re from and how you made it to Portland and all the other story.
Okay, I’m from Ohio. I grew up in Ohio and then moved around. My dad had a job that move just around the country a lot so I lived in lots of places but I always say that I am from Ohio. I moved to Portland in 1997 which there was no pro-district, it was a completely different place. I went to school at Ohio University, studied English and Theater.
Perfect for candy.
Yes, exactly. Picked Portland based on an article that I read in the local paper that said Portland, Oregon at that point probably Oregon was a city raised on coffee, beer and books. I thought that place sounds amazing so I moved here with my best friend from high school having never been to Portland before and have been in here except for a short stand of teaching English in Hungary I’ve been here since then, since ’97. I’ve had marketing jobs when I first moved here which is what I channeled the English and Theater into was marketing. Then, I have always baked or done some kind of sweet treat making on the side even through college I earn extra money baking stuff for whoever wanted it.

I was in the school of theater, did a lot of treats for rehearsals and things. Then, here in Portland was making wedding cakes on the side while working full time and then pushed that into a bakery which I had for almost nine years which is crazy to think about. Then, towards the end of the time of the bakery, St. Cupcake that I had I was making candy just to sell at the counter and figure it out a line of products in my voice in the world of candy and used that to build the brand of QUIN.

Which you have done quite well very quickly.

I mean it’s crazy, if I can say it about my fear, a person is allowed to say this about them so I’m really hard worker and that I get a lot done usually because I just laser focus and I like to work. I work hard but it seems to be working. I think also that I can’t take all of the credit for where the business is at at this point because whatever it is that we’re doing I think it’s really speaking to people. The idea that candy doesn’t have to be over manufactured, gross stuff. It’s still a luxury or not even a luxury because cheap candy is cheap candy but it’s something that people still really indulge in and then make this other type of candy that cost more but is better. I think for some reason especially with parents and things really speaking to people at this point.

It’s interesting, you talk about nostalgia for candy, it’s like I didn’t feel nostalgic for candy until I tried your candy and then it was like that hit me and it’s like I didn’t even know that was inside of me and I think it seems like some … What is that? What’s happening?
I think that’s one of the best parts of food in general is that whether or not before you eat it you don’t know what it will do to you. Then it will whether it’s the flavor or the way like the cherry flavored candy makes you drool right here and it takes you back to remembering something that cause you to do that. Sitting down and eating, anything from a waffle, anything really that brings you back to something someone made for you or to a road trip that you took and your parents supplied you with all this candy to keep you busy, whatever it is. It’s like food itself has the ability I think to get in there and pull at things you had no idea existed. That I just feel that is a part of me and so that’s what I put into the candy and that people get it and that you even have that experience without being prepared for it. That’s the magic part of it I think.
Your names are amazing, the ‘dreams come chew.’
Thank you. Thank you, that candy in particular I worked to try that. I knew that I wanted to make a fruit chewy candy, had some ideas for it and was working towards it and then I dreamed of that recipe. The dream was I was in a lab coat with a scientist table and lots of steaming buns and burners and all this other things. Then, in the dream I looked down at the sheet of paper and there’s this formula written down and when I woke up I wrote that down and I went to work and I made that candy and it’s exactly what we use as the recipe, the exact recipe. It’s just really five ingredients in that candy so there’s not a lot to it as it is but it just, the ratio of sugar to water and how we do it.
Had you been working on chews before? Had you been thinking about something like that?
I knew.
Are you a psychic or what?
What’s happening? I think that my desire to learn to work 24 hours a day had a part in that, just kidding but I knew that I didn’t want to make candy that was really chocolatey. Something that’s missing from the market itself I think is fruity stuff. That was one of the goals was to achieve that. Then, asking people what kind of candies they love when they were kids or what they eat when they are at the laundromat because that’s where a lot of adult people like, “I eat the candy, gross candy when I’m doing my laundry.” It’s so funny like Starburst or Hot Tamales or whatever it is. Just like a whole cyclone of information that all came together that caused me to want to nail it I guess. Then, I mean the nice thing about that recipe itself is you could really do anything, working on a mint version for Christmas.
Oh wow. I just recently learned that it’s a thing to roast Starburst when you’re camping and I had one of your chews when I was … I couldn’t get myself to do it. I ate it.
I think that that would help the Starburst to heat it up like that for sure, for sure.
What were your favorite candies as a child?
I loved and actually still have a soft spot for Hot Tamales, like fake cinnamon hot candy that’s how I make fire balls. I used to love the flavor of my milk with those. I put it in my milk and then drink this cinnamon hot pink milk which is so gross to think about now. Now that I have a kid and imagining me letting him do that thinking what was my mother, what was she thinking. It’s crazy but I love that type of stuff and then I really loved giant jawbreakers also. Stuff that lasted a really long time. Because if your parents are bringing you into a place and letting you pick something I would always pick something that last a long time, being like weird, greedy child with candy.

The fake cinnamon though, I really like. We have been playing a little bit with, trying to nail down some kind of cinnamon thing that works for me and we haven’t been able to do it yet. Then, we don’t have the type of machine that you would need to make something like a Hot Tamale or a Jelly Bean, that harder not super hard but like a candy shell with some centered you need this machine called the panner for it. We’re working on to try to figure out some cinnamon hard candy, I just haven’t done it yet. We haven’t been able to figure it out.

What about Nerds?
We have this list of things to try and we just put the finishing touches on a candy that’s like fun dip where you have the powder and stick and you lick it and that. We just finished that. Nerds are on our list for sure. Pop rocks also or what I have been, the last time that I visited New York I was at this, there’s amazing food book store there like food really the book store and I found this book that’s in French that tells how to make … It’s basically a hard candy that you shape and then you can put a filling in it so what we’re aiming towards is this hard candy with the fizzy stuff inside of it.
Wow. Okay.
The book, I don’t speak much French but I have a seven year old kid who goes to French school so I bought the book and brought it home like, “Tell me what this says. Tell me what this says.” I just want to learn the technique and then I can figure the rest of it out.
How’s he doing decoding it for you?
He’s good, I mean he’s like, “This says this, this and this,” when I got to the number part like the ratios for the recipe he was basically like, “I don’t know, 7,000 what? I can’t remember seven.” He’s so funny.
I do have a question.
How much time do you spend working on new ideas for flavors versus everything else you do at QUIN?
I spend about 10% of my time actually in the kitchen. Whether it’s at my house or not. Then, probably 40% of my time thinking about what to make without actually being in the kitchen doing it. Jotting down ideas and working out ratios because once I have a recipe nailed down then you know how much sugar it’s going to take or how much water it will take, how much fruit it will take to make something so that’s easier to not have to be right in the kitchen to figure something out. Then the other half of my time I spend just working to build the business or working on employee issues or any number of things that you know all about.
Being a boss.
Three percent of your time sleeping?
I don’t sleep very much. This thing that I just, I think that it has to do with traveler. What it is? I used to be really good, I used to always describe my talent as sleeping and walking. Two things that I always prided my self on and now I just cannot, I just can’t sleep. I sleep five or six hours on the best night but I often wake up at 3:30 and then I usually just try to make something to make the most of my time. I get out of bed and make a recipe.
You’re not setting an alarm for those times?
No. I just wake up like refreshed and ready to go and full of energy. It’s crazy and then on the tape I was just in L.A. for work this past week and one of the days that I was there I didn’t get up until seven and I thought, “Oh, my God I just lost half the day. What am I doing in bed still?” Then I obviously needed to sleep so it was good. I get up and I have this, we’re working, I’m trying to figure out some uses for burnt pretzels. That’s my new thing that I feel I can make things with. I have this really …
What is a burnt pretzel? Literally a burnt pretzel?
There’s a company that in New York that has agreed to sell me their rejects essentially the pretzels that gets over baked so they are hard, salty pretzels. Then I’ve been buying them and I have pounds and pounds and bazillion pounds of them and I’m working on doing everything from grinding the burnt pretzels up, steeping them in milk or cream and putting that cream into a caramel so that we can make a caramel that taste like a pretzel without actual pretzels in it. Things like that. I have all this pretzels at my house and I’ve made ice cream with them, I made like a malted dark chocolate ice cream and peanut butter in this burnt pretzels. It sound so good. It was not bad. It was not bad. When I can’t sleep I try to use my time to figure something else out.
I’ve noticed your Instagram there, a lot of, “4 am this is what I just baked.”
Yup. That’s okay though. I think it’s fine and then my kid wakes up and he’s like, “You made cinnamon rolls in the middle of the night?” “Yes. I did.”
I imagine it’s also quiet, nobody is emailing and calling.
Yes, that’s what I love. That’s why, exactly why. It’s exactly, it’s so nice to give up a little bit of sleep to just have some time. You know how it is it’s a lot, all day long and then you have I always refer to home is my second shift. From the gate, got to clock in, make dinner and do the laundry and do kids stuff which I really want to be able to do.
I’ve seen you Instagram, your son and he seems so driven already like so focused on learning craft. I see that in you too, was that something that you had as a child or is this what you think is …
Yes, I started working, I had always had the desire to make food or to eat sweets or to figure out how to do it and then when my mother finally relented and allowed me to get my first job, the summer I turned 12 in Ohio. I worked at a place called the Geneva Dairy Delight and I scooped ice cream and worked at the deep fryer. I mean I turn 12 in July and that’s the summer job. It’s crazy to think about but I was … I’m sure that I appear to be, 40 years old because I was so, “This is exactly what I want to do. I’m going to learn to do this and I’m going to do it.” Then ever since then I have worked that hard at everything.
Did you get the scoopers arm?
I have had that weird tendon thing like forever. Then I was even scooping cupcakes and like cookies and all that, yes I had.
In high school and they always just had like …
Different. Theo, he is really interested in learning things. I mean he pretty much already had this life plan which is hilarious because he’s seven but it’s in the performing arts. He definitely has this drive to do that and he … With kids I don’t make him do anything, we just give them choices or have tapped into his interest and then I present to him like these are the things that speak to you that you could go and do. We will help you figure out, we will drive you here, I will pay for it, whatever you want and then he figures it out. He spends almost all day Saturdays at this triple threat class, singing, acting and dancing.
Oh my God.
When he goes you can tell that he has been among his people all day that he is at a place where he is understood and people have similar interest. It’s funny. I let you know. My husband isn’t like that. He’s not like either of us at all, he’s not nearly as driven or interested or relentless. It’s interesting.
That’s probably a nice balance.
Yeah for Theo, yeah because they are like, “Let’s just go to the lake today.” I’m like, “What can we do that will help us reach whatever goal we have?” It’s good for someone who is seven, really good.


From Jami’s Instagram, Her favorite saying, burnt pretzels and Olive & June Nail Salon in LA.

You’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately too. I’ve seen New York, L.A.
Most of it is to, those are the two markets where I definitely I mean there’s a really good response to QUIN in both of those places. I go, I do demos in both of those places where I get to know the customers and meet with our retailers and talk with their staff about the candy and how we do it and all those things. It’s really nice piece of education because then they can sell the candy easier because they’ve met me, they know the story, they understand how it’s made and all these things. Then, I was in L.A. last week to do, I did super fun candies magic presentation at the Hammer Museum at UCLA which was super amazing.

Then, met with some people who were opening a tiny capsule store for QUIN inside of this place called Olive & June which is a nail salon in Beverly Hills which like … A first it doesn’t make sense but then you go there and you see this sparkly nails that I have which they made me do and then it make sense. It’s a really beautiful girly nail salon that they don’t allow food inside but they want to have this candy experience. We’re doing this capsule shop there that will be on going, it’s opening on Thursday this week so I’m going back to L.A. Thursday morning to do that. Then, there’s a conference happening in L.A. on Saturday called create cultivate and it’s put on by Darling Magazine so I’m going, QUIN is one of the sponsors of that so I’ll be going to that also.

When I know that I’m going to be somewhere or if I have a plan then I try to work as much work into it as possible. Then find out what’s going on that would be an interesting match for QUIN and then I just start making phone calls and then all of a sudden I’m at the Hammer Museum.

It sounds like you’re hit some really cool restaurants in a way too though I guess, finding a nice place down there.
Yes, that I went to this thing called the Unique Camp which …
Yes I saw that.
Yes. It was, how anything is in life it was exactly what you made of it. If you went there with a close mind and weren’t ready to figure out why you were there, who you should meet or who you should be connecting with and it was a total waste. Parts of it were horrible. Horrible food.
Yes. Which was I couldn’t even believe it. Bad food but really amazing people attending it. The people part of it overshadowed every other bad thing about it. The people that I met there a lot of them live in L.A. I will be in contact with them forever. Two of the women that I met I’m working on projects with them now. One of them is a chef and she’s coming up to Portland and she’s doing a pop up dinner and a pop up brunch at my kitchen. All these things, figuring out how to do things together and that’s one of the reasons why I ate so well in L.A. is because all these women that I met at camp are involved in food.
That camp you put away your electronic devices for the entire …
Yes, they give you a small canvas bag that has a watch in it, not even a digital watch just a watch and you have to take the watch and put it on and put your cellphone in that bag and hand it to someone which was … At first I mean, at first I think I kept thinking oh I put my phone down somewhere and I can’t find it but really I didn’t have it. By the end of the weekend I didn’t even care and actually didn’t turn my phone on until I got to the airport after the whole thing was over. It was really nice. It was really nice to not have it.
You seem to be very plugged in. Instagraming often, you respond to email quicker than almost anybody.
Thank you.
It seems like that would have been a pretty big change.
Yes. It was. My main concern was because it was so beautiful there and they did a really great job of making everything look so campy and amazing that I couldn’t take photos of it. I brought my instant camera which helped me get over that need to take pictures of things. Then they had photo booth set up everywhere so you could … I think that they understood that that would be this problem for people like me who want to … There was that and then the rest of it I knew my team had everything handled so I didn’t really worry about responding to things because I made a plan before I left and I mentally prepared myself for it.
I guess that would be similar to the middle of the night also, you probably don’t spend a bunch of time checking emails.
You’re busy, we were busy, we’re doing workshops, team building which was really hilarious.
Dance party.
Dance parties, there were a lot of crap, Martha Stewart people were there doing like leading craft things and things.
It was fun, literally at a Boy Scout camp in bunk beds, in cabins, camp, definite archery, swimming, horse back riding, all that.
What was your take away? Do you think it was the relationship? The time to foster those?
Yes. Absolutely, because there wasn’t anything truly mind blowing that we learned in any of the workshops but the people really good, really important. We take a bus to Big Bear and on the bus ride back to L.A. from Big Bear I thought I was assessing it wondering if it was worth it and worth the time and worth the money and all of this. Then when I got off the bus and we were in the parking lot saying goodbye to everyone and I thought this was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was really … it was good. I mean, it’s an interesting thing and it’s all creative people who were there. An interesting energy for three days for sure.
We came very close to going to that camp actually.
I watched everything you posted about it, should we do it next year kind of thing.
If you decide to do it, do it to attend, you should contact them and pitch something that you present. You would be better at attending because you still attend it but I think that you would be really suited to do something more than that, yes.
I’ve been watching a lot, you seem very good at becoming a part of something or teaching, that’s something that I’m starting to learn. If I want to go somewhere it’s been ten years I could probably teach something.
Exactly. Exactly and I think that so many people whether you’re new to something or midway through or whatever it is there are so many voices and so many unique perspectives on everything that there’s room for ideas. There’s always such a different spin and I mean with the work that you guys are doing, yes whether it’s from how we get our clients or what we do once we, all of it. People will find very useful I think.


From Quin’s Instagram, Quin shop in Union Way, Quin packaging and some gorgeous candy.

I saw that you were doing a class on social media at some point.
Are you teaching? What was that about? I see on Instagram a lot and I’ve always wondered if that’s just your personality or if it’s something you’re really thinking a lot about. What you’re putting out there.
Oh no, I mean right, it is who I am. That’s for sure and I do the Specialty Food Association, we’re a member of that. They put on the fancy food show in New York which is one of the reasons that I was just in New York. They don’t have a lot of young members and savvy members and so when it comes to putting on events in Portland they kind of … Who are we going to ask to do this part of the social media and then I think they were just, “Oh, Jami. She can do it.” People who like Jam company from wherever it is and that’s people who are all 55 and older who are really struggling to figure out …
What’s this Instagram thing?
That part of it is really fun, I think that speaking to people who don’t know about it are on the fence about whether or not they should do it and showing them or explaining to them just simple things that I have gotten out of just an Instagram post.
Do the lights go on?
With their minds, they are like, “Right.” Yes, yes and they see it. Then, they start whether it’s on Twitter or Instagram or whatever, start following me then you can see that they are working towards that which is great. I like to Instagram for sure and I have definitely gained a lot by using Instagram. The rest of it I just always tell people and I think that I read, I think I read a, I think I read a blog post that you did where you said that you pick your top three and spend the most time at your number one and then supporting time on the other two. That’s exactly the way that I do it. I mean I quit Facebook, we don’t have a Facebook for QUIN and I stopped Facebooking I don’t know maybe three years ago.

I did it because I figured out how much time I was spending on Facebook and then I realized I could do a million other things with that time. I stopped cold turkey and that is the thing that I think that you have to figure out what you can let in and what should take over your time that is really precious and what you shouldn’t. That’s like why I think Instagram really works for me because it was so fast and easy.

I’s so visual and positive. That’s one of the things we love about it is that there isn’t a lot of place for debate.
It’s basic, this is what’s making me happy right now.
Exactly, exactly. That’s one of the things that always used to get me down about Facebook is all of the … I couldn’t handle especially in election time. All the things that are going on in the world I just don’t want to let that in.
It’s a good thing. We certainly don’t recommend anyone get a Facebook page anymore. I haven’t gone so far like totally shut someone down if they are already using it. A lot of times, some … Personal investment already but I can’t remember the last time we suggested like, “You need a Facebook.”
Why would you? I mean it’s crazy. I mean, yeah when we stopped using, we close the Saint Cupcake Facebook page we had 10,000 followers. Some really ridiculous amount of people who are … All this backlash that people think.
Yeah. I think it’s just human nature where you are brave enough to make a decision and then to talk about it out loud and immediately the people who are really into Facebook feel like you’re judging them. They don’t see it is just a decision you’re making for you, they see it as this judgment that you’re passing on them. I think just human nature to get really upset about it.
Specifically Facebook for some reason I think if you were to say, “I’m not going to use Twitter anymore.” I have a hard time thinking that Twitter would be upset.”
That’s the type of thing you have to look back to and that’s probably why I don’t enjoy Facebook as it is.
You are a big Justin Timberlake fan?
Yes. I just went to see, it is so funny. That’s one of the things that I did when I was just in L.A. I went to see Justin Timberlake and we magically, we were in the front row which I was not prepared for and the woman that I was with we didn’t really realized that that’s what was happening to us and then that type of thing happens. You freak out, I freaked out. He’s an amazing performer, he puts on a three hour show and it is flawless. Amazing, really amazing for Justin Timberlake.
I never have seen him I feel like I should now.
Really? He is coming to Portland on November 20th. I just bought my two of my staff tickets who love him. I just bought them tickets so that they can go. He’s good and I saw him in Seattle. I’m ridiculous. I saw him in Seattle also which is crazy and then in L.A. but it’s a unique experience.
I really have to check it out. That’s what you do when you’re awake in the middle of the night, you’re dancing.
Basically, yes, 3:30 in the morning if I’m working on the candy or baking cookies there’s definitely a Justin Timberlake involved.
This night kitchen thing, I mean is that the same thing you’re just waking up?
It started in the kitchen at work where after everybody went home I would go home, see Theo, make dinner and do all that and then I would have the itch to work on a recipe and so I just go back to work. It’s quiet, no one is there maybe, I would have a couple of staff people come in, we’ll make some snacks and then we’ll work on whatever it is that we have in our heads. A lot of the recipes that we use were developed that way for sure.
Your staff helps you with recipes?

I have one woman named Megan on my staff who we share a palette and that is really important in this that I taste something and she can taste exact same thing in it. Great. I can tell her via text or on the phone or in an email about something that I want to try and explain the steps to doing it and she comes to make it. For being, if I’m out of town or if I’m somewhere else and I have this idea and I really want to try it she can just do it. It’s amazing. It’s amazing because we share this food brain and it’s invaluable.

Is that that you taste the same things and you like the same things?
Yeah. We really don’t part ways on any of the foods which is nice. We’re going to Salem tomorrow because she’s assisting me, I am the judge of the confections, it’s like home confection category of the state fair tomorrow, right? I guess that there are 300 entrance though. We have to eat all of these 300 things in four hours.
How do you do that?
I think I’d spit it, I think it’s like wine tasting I assume. That’s at least how I’m approaching it.
That’s not how I taste wine.
They said in the information that you bring something to eat aside from the things that you are tasting, thinking through like the most … Like a pizza.
Meat. Lifesaver.
Two steaks and one pizza. I don’t know. She’s just easy like that where she, “Yes, I will definitely come and do that with you.” It’s great.
She can eat half of the food for you. It’s like another Jami of the same …
We are exactly the same.
That’s so nice. As I’ve been looking at your Instagram I have been coming up with this ideas of what I think you’re doing next.
Let’s do it. Yes, okay. How exciting.
There’s only a couple.
Are you starting a pop corn line?
Yes. Yes, we’re debuting it at Feast, the food festival that happens in September. We’re partnering with Union Wine Company. They make the wine in the can and all the other wines and we’re doing a night market which is one of the feast events. Two pop corns for them, one is a Pinot Grio Caramel Corn and another is a Reese and caramel corn.
Yeah, I guess.
How do you made them?
I know how I’m going to make them.
We’ll do, they have that I don’t know if you’ve seen Union Wine Company has an amazing silver truck, wine truck that they take places. It’s amazing. This vintage I don’t know, French or German some kind of amazing truck that opens and there’s a bar inside and they pour wine from it. It’s really neat. They’ll have that set up and then we’re doing this pop corn thing and then we’re also making another carnival food for it that are all themed on their wine. We make pop corn for caramel that we make and it is really super popular.


From Jami’s Instagram, bringing Quin Candy to a Justin Timberlake show, playing with wine and candy with Union Wine Co.

Is that already out? The caramel corn?
The candy that has the caramel that taste like pop corn is, that’s how this whole thing started, yes.
I’ve seen it okay, she’s been eating a lot of pop corn.
Yeah, yeah, it’s one of my top five favorite foods pop corn is. I love it.
Then you have a friend that does hot sauce?
Are you guys ever trying to …
We are always working on figuring out what we can do together and I just haven’t been able to get the right thing yet. The next thing hopefully it’s Marshall’s hot sauce or haute sauce as they call it. I need a sauce that has a little less garlic because the garlic really, really intensifies once you start cooking it. We’re working on it, that’s one of my top things some kind of chili candy.
When you were talking about the hot … I was like, you can find a way to do that.
This is my only other one. Are you going to start a camp in Idaho?
In Ohio? Yeah, that’s my retirement plan but I’m hoping for early retirement where I can do, I am overcome and obsessed with the idea of it. It is intense. One of the reasons that I went to the unique campus because I just wanted to see what it was like and I feel like I have had, I’ve talked to a lot of people and done a lot of chats and things like that where people really respond to that idea of going some place and learning to do something that they don’t know how to do. It doesn’t have to be a week. It can be a weekend or whatever it is. Some kind of food related culinary summer camp themed thing, absolutely. Absolutely.

Then, I mean I always thought about bed and breakfast and that type of thing. I am the type of person who in a party situation or a dinner or whatever it is I don’t necessarily like to be the person who’s being taken care of but I love doing, I love taking care of people. If you can come to my house for dinner I highly recommend it. I love that part of it so the camp or a bed and breakfast or whatever it is to me the ultimate show of that love or the things that I’m obsessed with. Because I don’t want to do the camping myself but I want to set up this amazing experience for other people. That’s what drives it. Then, in Ohio where I spend … Because I’m from there I spend a couple of weeks there in the summertime. There’s this Boy Scout camp that is the most amazing.

I think I’ve seen …
Yeah. It’s really the greatest place ever and it provides a ton of inspiration and I drive a car there even though I’m not supposed to and I parked outside the gate and I sneak in. Sorry guys and then I looked at everything. It’s amazing. Totem poles and huge amazing vintage looking dining hall that’s just seats like 250 boys.
Are they still using it?
They use it only on certain weekends so no.
You can take over the rest.
Yeah, that’s what I say. They say that one of the biggest problems with it is it’s so big that they can’t fence it. That’s one of the main concerns, parent concerns. I think …
You have adults.
Who needs a fence? Exactly.
Awesome. What is next for you? What else is next? You’re teaching a class at Feast too, right?
Yeah, candy is magic. I am, we’re doing a hands on class learning how to make this fun dip candy that we’re doing which would be fun. We start the classes, I start them out with a side by side comparison of candy that’s made by QUIN and candy that is more industrial made. We have this amazing chart that all the candies that’s out on and we taste it all and talk about ingredients and why textures are like this and why the flavor taste is fake. It’s fun, super fun so it starts out that way and then we move into the actual hands on portion of the class.
You could leave with …
Yeah. Really good so I’m doing that and then in September also I’m going to New York to bring back home this wrapping machine that we had built for us. This crazy candy machine factory in the Bronx. It’s this amazing, it looks like a roulette wheel and the pieces of candy that we cut into squares fit in this holes and then it slides around in a circle and then pops up into this thing and a piece of cellophane gets wrapped around it.
How are you wrapping it right now?
With our hands.
Every single piece?
Yes. Yes and this machine which cost …
You were so excited about this machine.
Oh my God.
I’m sure.
The machine itself cost a ton of money, tons of money but it will do in 90 seconds what it takes one of our candy wrappers to do in an hour.
Right, I mean it’s amazing.
That’s amazing.
In order to, it’s a massive piece of machine so I’ll go to this place in September to learn how to use it with a couple of my staff members. Then we’ll come back to Portland in time for us to … We’re moving into a new kitchen on the corner of Water Avenue in Hawthorne over in the east side. We’ll have our offices, our retail space and our kitchen and this wrapping machine all in one thing that people can come inside and see everything that’s going on. Then that’s where we’ll do, because I want to do this, I have this idea in my head for a breakfast brunch party thing. A ticketed thing but not, no pressure like it would be if you came to my house to eat brunch.
We’ll be able to do all this stuff because we have this full kitchen over there.
It sounds amazing.
Those are my things.
Awesome. Just that.
No big deal.
Thank you so much for coming in.
Thank you for having me.